Infection Prevention and Control Learning from Covid-19 & AMR

For the first time, the Infection Prevention and Control Conference will take place over two days. Over the two days IPC best practice, which will include elements for community and mental health as well as acute nursing. We will also cover clinical topics such as AMR. In 2020 NHSE/I rolled out their vision of the NHS Long Term Plan for Infection Prevention and Control, with strong themes around AMR and Gram-Negative bloodstream infections. Throughout 2020, and much of 2021, we saw the biggest global pandemic in recent history, COVID19. We will review the lessons learned and re-emphasise the need for effective hand washing and personal hygiene protocols, that quite literally became a life or death necessity.

We have a limited number of fully funded tickets available for the Public Sector and NHS provider organisations, if you think you may qualify, please contact our delegate team on or 0161 696 4868. Please be aware that marketing codes are for limited numbers of places. Our delegate team will contact you after you place your application to let you know if you have been successful.