Industry Guidelines for the Provision of Uniforms to the Healthcare Sector (Home laundering)
Establishing an on-site launderette
Linen services – a best practice guide
Linen distribution systems – advantages & disadvantages
Micro fibre mops
Average Linen usage by speciality
Laundering work-wear for the high care sector of the food industry (FCRA
Establishing a basis for comparing Batch tunnel washers;
Performance trials on Voss batch tunnel washers;
Performance trials on Passat membrane press;
Performance trials on Passat transfer driers;
Performance trials on Poensgen batch tunnel washer;
Performance trials on Kent 600 Steam heated Tunnel finisher;
Evaluation report on the Kannegiesser press;
A guide to garment loaders, feeders and folders;
Tunnel finisher guide;
Organisation and Management of Hospital laundering
Linen Supply & Distribution Systems;
A guide to flow-line costing using computer spreadsheets;
Laundry & Linen Services Planning, Design & Operation (GN)
Resource conservation project in laundering (FCRA)
Application of Total cost Techniques to the planning of Linen services
NHS Purchasing & Supply Agency Laundry services procurement guide(PASA)
National Job profile for laundry & linen room staffs.

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